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Cucumber Delight


A Sparkle Girl story:

I had done a story on Zumba. After I came home, Garnet was sitting in her chair in the Green Room. From there, she could see me standing in the kitchen next to the stainless-steel trashcan. Sparkle Girl and Doobins were elsewhere.

I decided to show Garnet some of my Zumba moves, which got Garnet laughing.

“What’s going on?” yelled Sparkle Girl from her bedroom. (She likes to be fully informed at all times.)

“Kim is dancing with a trash can,” Garnet said.

“Of course he is,” said Sparkle Girl.

A Doobins story:

Garnet and Mr. Doobins were playing in Mr. Doobins’s room.

When I went in, Garnet said that Doobins was insulting her.

What did he say?

That her armpit smelled like cucumbers.

Mr. Doobins is not a fan of cucumbers (or many other vegetables). So I can see how he would think that was an excellent insult.

“That’s a great insult,” I said to him.

In exasperation, he said, “Would you stop complimenting my insults.”