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China was the first place I remember Sparkle Girl talking about wanting to visit.

She has since mentioned lots of other places as well. As new places come up, she will get excited about them, too, and add them to her list.

She is amazed that I have been to so many states and dismayed that she has hardly even left North Carolina so far.

She’s been to the beach some. She’s been to the mountains some. That’s about it.

One night, I was making up a bedtime story on the fly. It was during the holidays so I thought I would set it at the North Pole.

To open the story, I said, “Have you ever been to the North Pole?”

Sparkle Girl let out a big sigh, and said, “No, I’ve never even been to Ohio.”

Another night, when I came in to say good night to Mr. Doobins, he was stretched out on his bed with one leg in an inverted V and the other leg draped over it.

In his left hand, he had his cup of milk. The hand was dangling off the bed with the cup at an angle.

With his right hand, he was plucking cereal out of a plastic bag one morsel at a time and popping it into his mouth.

When I commented that he looked like he was enjoying himself, he said, “Livin’ the good life.”

Those kids crack me up.