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The Lollipop Bank

Garnet and I use different banks.

Recently, I had an exasperating experience with my bank. After a merchant charged the wrong amount on a debit card, I went online to file a protest. After I filled out the online form, I went to the Web site to make sure that everything was under way only to find a notice saying that the online protest didn’t count.

I had to print out another form, the message said, and mail or fax it to the bank. I printed it out, filled it out and faxed it only to get another message saying that I the faxed form didn’t count either and that I would have to call an 800 number.

There’s more but you get the drift.

The other morning, I was sitting at the kitchen table ranting to Garnet about the bank’s poor customer service. Sparkle Girl was sitting opposite me.

When I finished, she smiled the sweetest smile and said, “My bank gives lollipops.”