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Churning Peanut Butter

In general, the division of labor in the household works out pretty well naturally.

I am happy to mow the grass. Garnet is happy to weed the garden.

Where everything breaks down is peanut butter. We buy the all-natural, creamy peanut butter that comes with the dire warning, “Oil separation occurs naturally in this product. Stir before using.”

Few tasks are more odious than having to stir in the oil in a new jar of peanut butter. If there were extra room at the top of the jar, that would be one thing. As, it is though, it’s a given that some oil will spill over the sides in the process, and you will get it all over your fingers.

I don’t know about you but I have to stop and wash my hands immediately.

Plus, kitchen knives are not quite long enough for the job, and, when you’re trying to make sure that all of the peanut better at the bottom is stirred in, you get more oil on young fingers and it’s back to the sink to wash them again.

The other day, I was standing at the counter making Sparkle Girl a peanut-butter sandwich. The jar had just enough for the sandwich.

It’s going to be time to stir another jar of peanut butter soon, I said.

“I’m going to be out of town that day,” Garnet said.