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This Calls for a Note to the Fairy Supervisor

For a moment there it looked as if we were going to have to send a strongly worded note to the Fairy Supervisor complaining about slipshod service from the fairies under her guidance.

From time to time, Sparkle Girl writes a note to the fairies. She leaves it in a special jar by the fence. During the night, the fairies come. They pick up their note, and, as a little thank-you, leave behind a gift for Sparkle Girl. Once, for instance, they left a jewel made of yellow glass.

On the day before Thanksgiving, Sparkle Girl and a friend each wrote a note to the fairies and left them in the special jar.

When Sparkle Girl went out on Thanksgiving Day to see what the fairies left, she found the notes still in the jar.

What happened? she wondered.

Perhaps fairies take the night off in honor of Thanksgiving?

As disappointed as Sparkle Girl was, that explanation made sense to her.

On the day after Thanksgiving, she looked again. The notes were still there. No question about it, we said, the fairies were definitely taking a couple of days off for Thanksgiving.

When the notes were still there on Saturday morning, though, we were as dismayed as Sparkle Girl. If the fairies didn’t pick up the notes that night, we said, we were definitely going to send a note of protest to the Fairy Supervisor.

I am happy to report that proved not to be necessary. On Sunday morning, Sparkle Girl looked out the living room window and spotted purplishness in the jar. After so much disappointment, she was hesitant to believe that the fairies had indeed come and feared that the notes had just taken on a purplish hue after sitting out there so long.

But, no, the notes to the fairies were gone and in their places were two tiny packages wrapped in purple tissue paper held closed with transparent tape.

As happy as she was to find the packages, Sparkle Girl was troubled.

“Do fairies use tape?” Sparkle Girl asked.

We readily agreed that transparent tape did seem awfully unfairy-like. But the packages were from the fairies and the tape was right there. So, ipso facto, fairies must use transparent tape.

Sparkle Girl readily acknowledged the point.

We may drop a line to the Fairy Supervisor, though, letting her know about Sparkle Girl’s experience and suggesting that her fairies stick to tying packages with the far more fairly-like satin ribbon.